Apr 15

commish for Reed, his character Rhydian Stahl!

larger version HERE

sorry im taking so long with these but i haven’t stopped and im working my way through! if i haven’t gotten back to you i will soon enough as i cut the list down.

INQTRODUCTION number…. fuck. i forget…


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so this here is a MR. John .D Smith… or just smith.

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Apr 01

commish of “Smiley” for my homie Jieb you can check him out HERE!

and a larger version of the image here

Mar 25

first commission complete

larger version here

the commissioner would like to remain anonymous, also for anyone who has messaged me regarding commissions i will get back to you as i get my current ones done. apologies for the delay. 

Mar 22

just a repost of my finished sketch without all the emotional blabber

larger version here so you can scrutinize all the detail

inqtroduction part 3

larger versions here and here

inqtroducing Ylliq ( pronounced  EEL - ICK )and Victor!

these are two scientists from a story ive had on the backburner since forever called Art Blok. they are also two scientists who created the protagonist of said story… and with it the possible end of the world. Ylliq is the head scientist of her sector and she takes shit from absolutely nobody, she is an amphibian-like creature who comes from a race known as the “Soulk” her species is not particularly known for being intelligent and the ones that are are often feared because the few that are tend to be way too intelligent for their own good… so she up and outed from her home planet because people need to stand the fuck back. SHE DOIN SCIENCE. sadly not long after she left her planet she was attacked and captured as a prisoner caught in the crossfire of a war between two distant planets… she was subsequently tortured for information under the assumption she was a spy of the opposing forces and this led to the loss of her arms…  naturally due to the lack of results she was then tossed away and left to die… and thats where she met Victor… he happened to be looking for a job but couldn’t get his foot in the door… he came across Ylliq on his way home and took her back to his place and did his best to keep her alive… he later built the disembodied hands she uses and the system that runs them…  simply put the collar she is wearing not only regulates her breathing ( due to many injuries she suffered ) but is also connected to her brain, it can amplify bioelectric signals to these hands receptors allowing her to control them almost telepathically. she can control up to six at a single time and over the years has used them from everything to science experiments to self defense…

not only did this draw attention to them both but gave them an opportunity to show their potential… this nailed them both huge jobs in one of the larger cities in a massive lab where much of the current tech and experiments are handled. now Ylliq runs an entire sector , with Victor as her junior in training and they have spent the last few years with their sector working on something BIG.

and thats all for now folks

More OCs


larger version here

so this is the second OC ill be introducing Maurice however in underground circles he is known as 8ball

he hails from the same “world” as Alfonse , hes known as 8 ball both for his fancy neckwear and partially a drug reference. 8ball is what you might call a peacemaker. while he is an underground kingpin his monopoly is used to benefit his city. respected as opposed to feared he runs the city by simply being an all round good guy. however… if you are from outta town and fucking with his territory you will be erased and nobody will even bat an eyelid. he keeps the peace and they let him so they can enjoy that peace.

the significance of his 8ball necklace is that they are actually a fancy disguised drug. this drug can create intense euphoria. the drug responds to body heat and tension , becoming brittle when held in the palm and when enough force is applied it will burst in a small dust cloud. inhaling this cloud is how the drug is taken. however during the creation of this drug there was a mistake made… this caused temporary mutations in the body… effects were almost entirely random and did not last longer than 10 minutes. from extreme body heat to releasing excessive bio electricity… this mistake became what is known as “unlucky”  a weaponized drug… if you are ballsy enough to take it you can  wield insane or crazy powers , random and temporary but tremendously powerful… and this is where he makes his big bucks. he wears them around his neck as emergency self defense measures in the event he gets in a tight spot…

and thats all for now

Note: ill now be tagging these as “inqtroduction” so as i introduce new OCS you can read through each one i upload or check if you missed a few. im also going to probably work on better character sheets when i have more time.

Mar 04

mini update:

so if many of you are wondering why exactly im constantly disappearing its mostly because im working on my final project in the apprenticeship course i was on… heres a little snippet of some junk i got to choose as my final project.

the overall idea is compositing photos with illustrations, showing the world through the lens of my overactive imagination and general mental instability. i tend to see and imagine things in my head that naturally others cannot see or experience… simply because they aren’t me… so my project is essentially opening a door into my strange and somewhat unstable mind…

larger version here

a little update on a character i pulled outta my head from an old story



this is Dan.D and his pet bird bright-eyes. Dan is a Demon who dabbles in the termination of contracts… see when you get mad and throw a hissy fit and draw a shitty pentagram and try to summon a demon to plague your enemies and smite your foes for laughing at you that time you bent over and ripped your pants… you create a contract… but since it was so shitty it appeared it did not work… it did… but you just did not pull out a cool familiar or summon satan… you just brought a shitty lesser demon into this realm and it goes about its business fucking with the world… naturally you thinking it did not work or black magic is fake haven’t terminated your contract sooooooooo some freak of nature is out causing disasters fuck knows where… and thats where Dan comes in… he terminates unfinished and poorly executed “contracts” and sends  imps and such back to where they need to be for the sake of maintaining “balance” whether they will come back quietly or not is a different story…

larger versions of the images here and here

Jan 22

unfinished practice stuff

nothing like a completely out of context battlescene that makes absolutely no sense. practicing things i should have learned a long time ago. larger version here